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First he wanted her heart, now he wants all of her.


Former Army soldier Atlas Kane thought he found a home in the military, but after his last tour he returns a broken and haunted man. The respite he finds in the arms of a woman is brief and when a car crash takes her from him, he’s lost and desperate. 


Brooklyn has longed to be normal, but a lifetime in hospital has made that impossible. Until the day a life-saving heart becomes available.


Grief stricken Atlas will do anything to get back any piece of his past love. Now, despite a new chance at life, Brooklyn finds herself in a different prison--- Atlas’ home. What starts as imprisonment quickly becomes more as the two begin to heal each other. 


But when Brooklyn is kidnapped by one of Atlas’ enemies, Atlas must not only fight to save her, he has to prove he loves her. And not just because of the heart that beats inside her.

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