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He’s the devil. She’s an angel. Together they’re Armageddon.

Angel Frost is my name but some call me the Devil. Others call me the King of London. To know me is to fear me. My temper is hot. My wrath is fierce. Protecting my family is my only job. As the son of a mafia kingpin, I’ve been raised to control, protect, and kill. After serving two years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit, I’m looking for vengeance. Those that meant to hurt me will soon feel the pain. They’ve woken the devil inside me. Revenge is the only thing on my mind. The only thing I want … until I see her.

My name is Alice Freedom is something I half own. The family hunting me has never given up. They lurk around every corner waiting for me to step into the light. Anonymity is my only shield. I never wanted to risk anything until him. Angel Frost walked into the bar and changed everything. He wants me. I want him. A relationship with the Devil risks my life and my family’s. How can I remain invisible and date the biggest gangster in London?

He is on a mission to destroy. She is on a mission to survive. Can Angel and Alice survive their pasts to have a future?

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